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10 November 2019



82 Nelson Place, Williamstown Vic 3016


11.00 am  –  9.00 pm


In November 2016, the Jamaican Music & Food Festival was born family gathered like-minded Jamaican music and food fans together to experience one glorious day of reggae, dub, rocksteady and dancehall music in the Australian sunshine.

Soundtracked by some of the very best DJs, artists and live music the country has to offer, since then the Jamaican Music & Food Festival has become a benchmark for the best performances inspired by and straight out of Jamaica. 

The Jamaican Music & Food Festival day is one where people who know and recognise great music come together with unity and a good lick of rum. 2017 and 2018 saw the festival grow exponentially. With over thirty vendors and 10,000 visitors each year, the festival has still been able to maintain a good balance on having a great entertainment value, a family atmosphere and a unique party vibes.

We hope you will join us in 2019 for another magical afternoon at the Greenwood Hotel, NSW or Seaworks, Williamstown. 

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