Williamstown Chamber of Commerce

Williamstown Chamber of Commerce was established in 1995, although it is believed to have existed in different forms over the past 100 years.

They advocate for business and industry in all areas that affect or enhance opportunities for enterprise in Williamstown. Aiming to deliver quality events that provide value to its members and the Williamstown community whilst highlighting the significance of  local businesses in community.

Williamstown Chamber of Commerce provides a networking platform for its members to collaborate, contribute and collect ideas, knowledge and allegiance.

They act as a voice for their members working closely with local government in representing them on issues they identify as important.

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Sharon O’Connor

As the current President of Williamstown Chamber of Commerce, Sharon is committed to being part of a team that provides local businesses with the tools and opportunities needed to achieve their aims, and work to positively influence the future success of Williamstown’s economy.

Having had a management career working across both the private and public sector, in health, retail and federal government, Sharon’s overarching experience in change management has helped her to lead businesses to identify their audiences, create influence and grow. With a creative practice spanning over 20 years she is passionate about photography and the moving image.

As a resident and the owner of Solas Studios (Sharon O’Connor Photography & OM Organic Makeup Studio) in Williamstown, Sharon appreciates the challenges faced by the people and businesses of Williamstown and embraces the opportunity to contribute to growing our local businesses and tourism, both integral contributors to our local economy.

Sharon supports appropriate and sustainable growth in Williamstown, in a way that will ensure it continues to be one of the best places in the world to live and work. She believes that it is important that the Williamstown community supports new business and that we build a collegiate business network and environment, moving Williamstown 3016 towards one Williamstown.

Vice President 
Craig Turton

Craig Turton is a passionate local business owner and resident of Williamstown. Craig comes from a Corporate Retail and Consumer Marketing background having worked in Europe and Australia for some of the biggest Global and National brands. Craig’s family moved to the area 11 years ago and fell in love with Williamstown, so much so that when Craig had a mid life crisis 4 years ago they decided to buy Santorini Restaurant.

This move gave Craig the opportunity to apply the skills he learnt in big business at a local level and it also gave him the appreciation of how challenging it is running a small local business. Craig is very community minded and through his business he goes out of his way to support local groups including schools and sporting clubs.

Craig is proud to be the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and will do whatever he can to support his fellow local business owners.

Drew Parry

Drew is the director of MBCM Williamstown (Melbourne Body Corporate Management) and brings a strong business and financial background to the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce as the ongoing Treasurer.

Drew joined the Chamber to emphasise his strong community approach to business and recognises the importance of locals and visitors supporting business to enable a dynamic and thriving trading community. 

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We aim to promote and assist in supporting Williamstown traders, through economic initiatives, communication, education and coordination of our members, our residents, our visitors.

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