3 GRAINS – Roman Artisan Pizza


68 Stevedore Street, Williamstown Vic 3016



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Phone: (03) 9397 6601

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The Roman-style pizzeria that does things a little different.

Everything 3 GRAINS does stems from a deeply rooted passion for hand-crafted cuisine. So deeply rooted in fact, that it goes back to Ancient Rome - a time when Augustus Caesar reigned, chariot racing was popular and Roman bakers used a range of stone ground ancient grains to produce healthy flatbreads. Fast forward a few (thousand) years and 3 GRAINS is bringing the taste of ancient Rome to Melbourne.

They have adopted the traditional Roman baking method, taken inspiration from their recipes, and added in fresh local ingredients to add a healthy twist to one of life’s best comfort foods.

Their pizza bases are made from a handcrafted flour mix that combines three ancient grain flours - spelt (farro), whole grain (integrale) and soft wheat. The dough is left to slowly ferment for 72 hours with the end result being an artisan base with all-star qualities - light, fluffy, easy to digest, high in fibre, good for you, and most importantly delicious.

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68 Stevedore Street, Williamstown Vic 3016

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