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Wash, Dry, Fold.

Williamstown, Newport and Altona were cursed with laundromats that were cold and grimy. The people of Williamstown just couldn’t get their laundry done in style! This just wouldn’t do. Kristian and Christina set about to create a fresh, new Coin Laundry and washing service.

They thought of the hard-working mums and dads of Williamstown, with so much to do - including baskets of laundry! They thought of the working folk traversing the Westgate to their city jobs – with no time to wash, dry and iron their business shirts!

Imagine if someone could take the laundry off their hands… if they could simply drop off their dirty washing and pick it up later – washed, dried and folded.

EVEN BETTER! Imagine the laundromat fairy offered a pick-up laundry service from their home, and a few days later – “Knock, knock! Clean washing delivery!”

The people of Williamstown rejoiced, telling their friends as far away as Altona and Newport. Finally, they had a service they could trust. Kristian nips around town in the trusty laundry mobile, collecting shirts and dirty washing far and wide. Just a few days later, like magic, clean washing appears back on their doorsteps.

Give yourself a break and indulge in the fairy-tale romance that is NEVER DOING YOUR OWN LAUNDRY AGAIN.

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168 Ferguson Street, Williamstown Vic 3016

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