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Williamstown Heritage Walks – Waterfront

Waterfront of Williamstown


A beautiful walk around the Waterfront of Williamstown

Begin at the Anchor in Commonwealth Reserve, Williamstown.

1.1 Commonwealth Reserve
1.2 Gem Pier
1.3 Memorial Drinking Fountain
1.4 Customs House
1.5 Nelson Place Shops
1.6 139 Nelson Place
1.7 Craigantina Building
1.8 Former Royal Hotel, 85 Nelson Place
1.9 Williamstown Morgue
1.10 Former Port of Melbourne Authority Piers and Workshops
1.11 Telegraph Hotel
1.12 Stag’s Head Hotel
1.13 43 Cecil Street
1.14 St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 85-89 Cecil Street
1.15 George Hotel, 82 Cecil Street
1.16 Steam Packet Hotel, 11-13 Cole Street
1.17 Former Bank of Australasia, 189 Nelson Place
For more information and Brochure visit: 
Hobsons Bay Visitor Information Centre,
Commonwealth Reserve, Williamstown


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Opening hours 9am-5pm excluding Good Friday and Christmas Day.


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